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Return & Refund

You can return your items to us within 14 days and we will send you a full refund. *

Please contact us before any return.

By mail: contact

* If the reimbursement is made on two identical products, the reimbursement will be made on the largest product or promo code applied.


The warranty policy of MADNESSCUFF automatically applies when purchasing products from MADNESSCUFF. The warranty extends over a period of one year (1 year)

The warranty does not apply in the event of:
- theft or loss;

- intentional damage;
- damage resulting from unconventional use such as scratching, bumping or falling;

- normal wear or aging of materials used 
- damage resulting from a lack of care.

The traces of wear visible on the watch should be considered as the effects of normal use. The effects of perspiration on the bracelet differ from one person to another due to differences in acidity, these possible effects due to perspiration are not included in the guarantee.

MADNESSCUFF watches are water resistant to 3 ATM: this means that the watch is protected against splashes. 3 ATM waterproof watches cannot be worn while showering, bathing, swimming or diving. 

The buyer acknowledges and accepts that MADNESSCUFF jewelry is fragile and will break if it is not cared for. The guarantee on jewelry only concerns demonstrable production errors. MADNESSCUFF jewelry should not be exposed to water or chemicals such as perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products which may cause discoloration.

The guarantees no longer apply in the case of repair work by a third party or other work carried out on the product, without prior written permission.

The costs of sending a return shipment after a warranty or repair request (for faults occurring after the use of the product by the buyer) will be borne by the buyer.