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Who are we ?

MadnessCuff is the promise to make your wrist attractive at the best price!

For you, we select fashion accessories every month and offer you the best quality / price ratio.

Before being offered, each product is carefully tested and controlled to offer you the best support on your wrist.

To reduce the price of your basket as much as possible, we avoid the costs related to marketing and packaging. Here, we choose simplicity!

We deliver your packages directly to your home by registered mail without extravagant box.

MadnessCuff : more than a company, a family ...

MadnessCuff is not a business like the others. Here the customer comes first!

Our motto: “a satisfied customer is a customer who talks about us! "

In this winning logic, we invite you to comment, like and leave your opinion on our brand, our products on Social networks or directly on the site MadnessCuff.

Each comment is studied, analyzed and taken into consideration to adapt our offer and offer you the best experience.

Do you want a particular bracelet? You don't like certain models? Tell us ! The life of MadnessCuff, we are building it together!

So, ready to join the adventure?